My birthday, July 25th, 2015. I celebrated my birthday over dinner with a guy I was seeing. Twenty-six. Dark hair. Dark eyes. Six foot three. A down-to-earth, Aussie sparky. Meet RHYS.

Rhys and I met just four weeks prior to my birthday after matching on the well-known app Tinder, and just, well, hit it off. He told me straight off the bat that he was moving to London in five weeks indefinitely. Despite only knowing one another for a few short hours, his well-planned departure to the other side of the world now seemed ever so inconvenient.

From our first date, we just clicked. After meeting for a mid-week drink at a local bar, Rhys and I became inseparable. Perhaps it was because we knew our time was limited, or perhaps it was because we were just that – inseparable. By the weekend, Rhys became a permanent roommate in my home; we loathed leaving for work and counted down the hours until we would see one another again. We spent every night together, every weekend, and every hour; when we didn’t have to be at work we were together. We’d squash together on the two-seat couch rather than utilise both couches, hold hands to walk to the kitchen, and text ‘I miss you’ before reaching the apartment block elevator.

A week before Rhys’ due departure, he told me he wanted to stay in Sydney to be with me. I told him that wasn’t an option. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted him to stay. But he had plans; he had somewhere to be, and he knew that. He always wanted to live and work in London, so he had to go, he had life to do. He told me he’d come back for me, that he’d wait for me, but I knew this wouldn’t be the case. Life happens. People happen. The unknown happens. He was 26. I wanted him to do all the things he planned to do.

Up until the mere hours before his one-way flight to London, Rhys was with me. When he said goodbye, I cried.

My time with Rhys was short, but oh-so sweet. A year on, Rhys is still living and working in London. He met a girl and is officially in a relationship. He is genuinely happy.

Well, at least that’s what his Instagram account tells me.


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